Welcome to ISUS – Intelligent Sensing and Ubiquitous Systems at Universidade Fernando Pessoa.

The ISUS (Intelligent Sensing and Ubiquitous Systems) group was created in July 2007 by four Professors of the undergraduate degree (1st cycle) and master degree (2nd cycle) in Informatics and Computing Engineering (ICE) at UFP.

The initiative aims at developing and stimulating the interest of ICE students in the areas of ubiquitous computing, wireless sensor networks, mobile systems, interactive systems and intelligent systems, through the establishment of a very structured working environment.

Currently, the group has several students at different stages of their studies working together in a variety of projects. The group is supported by the Faculty of Science and Technology of UFP.

Since 2015, the ISUS group is affiliated to Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science Laboratory (University of Porto) – LIACC.


ISUS (room 307)
Praça 9 de Abril, 349 | 4249-004 Porto
Telf. +351 22 5071300 | Fax +351 22 5508269
e-mail: isus at ufp . edu . pt

Location (Google map):
N 41º 10’ 21,72’’ N 08º 36’ 42,20’’ 0

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