ISUS participation in vocational and professional orientation week of Basic and Secondary School of Rio Tinto

The day may 16, 2017 the ISUS Group (Intelligent Sensing and Ubiquitous Systems @ FCT/UFP), Teachers Rui Silva Moreira, José Torres, Christophe Soares and Pedro Sobral, along with two of his Investigators Beatriz Gomes and André Ribeiro, in coordination with the teachers Isabel Almeida and Cristina Caldas da Basic and Secondary School of Rio Tinto, organized another event for communication of science and technology among the students in this school. This framed within the vocational and professional orientation week that happened at this school in the days 16, 17 and 18 may 2017.


The elements of the ISUS group organized several playful activities, teaching involving the use of Robots using a series of sensors, allow them to play themselves a set of movements and pre-programmed tasks ( e.g. following lines, monitoring of objects or people, etc.). It was still possible to show students this school examples of interconnection between 3D objects represented in a virtual world (built based on OpenSim platform, equivalent to SecondLife) and real objects mapped in these virtual worlds. In particular, robot Avatars were created in world OpenSim, which move synchronously controlled the movements of real Robots, reflecting thus the movements of their Avatars.


These demonstration activities of science and technology were directed in particular to the pupils of the classes of the Professors Carlos Matos, Gualter Grave and José Pinto, captivating the attention and feedback from students who actively participated in the demonstrations, putting relevant issues about the mechanisms that were behind the planned activities. Was the promise to come back with more activities and demonstrations in new opportunities.