Kids from the Arco-Iris Club “Playing with Rolling Robots” @ ISUS Group/FCT/UFP

The ISUS group, represented by Bruno Gomes, Nilsa Melo, Rafael Rodrigues, Pedro Costa, Christophe Soares and Rui Moreira, developed an activity for kids visiting the ISUS group at FCT/UFP. The event entitled “Playing with Rolling Robots”, was held in December 19th 2019, and was integrated in the scope of the activities of the project Clube … Continue Reading

ISUS participation in vocational and professional orientation week of Basic and Secondary School of Rio Tinto

The day may 16, 2017 the ISUS Group (Intelligent Sensing and Ubiquitous Systems @ FCT/UFP), Teachers Rui Silva Moreira, José Torres, Christophe Soares and Pedro Sobral, along with two of his Investigators Beatriz Gomes and André Ribeiro, in coordination with the teachers Isabel Almeida and Cristina Caldas da Basic and Secondary School of Rio Tinto, … Continue Reading

Participation in the engineering week of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the university Fernando Pessoa

The ISUS research group has marked an assiduous presence in the various editions of the engineering week events of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the Fernando Pessoa University, in particular in the activities of the day of computer engineering. In these events, there are several thematic topics relevant to this area of education … Continue Reading

Multidisciplinary Education Convention

The ISUS scientific research and dynamism group (@ FCT/UFP) participated in the multidisciplinary Education convention of the Last May 1, 2015. This participation sought to stimulate the interest of the participants. On the combination of technologies in the ubiquitous computing areas, Wireless sensor networks, mobile systems and the systems of Virtual Reality 3d. Several demonstrative … Continue Reading