Demonstration with the grouping of Schools of Águas Santas

On Tuesday, April 1, 2014, the group of R&D ISUS represented the faculty of Science and Technology of the Fernando Pessoa University (UFP) in a dissemination action with the Group of schools of Holy waters. This event allowed to make known to the computer students of the School of Holy Waters, the various alternatives to pursue studies after the completion of secondary education.


In this event, ENG º Christophe Soares, professor and researcher of the ISUS group, had the opportunity to promote the various activities developed in the courses of bachelor’s degree of computer Engineering of FCT-UFP. The presentation sought to highlight the quality of the training and the work developed in our courses, reflecting in this way the topicality and relevance of the teaching provided in the institution, the experience and quality of the faculty, as well as the The availability of the means adjusted to the practice of knowledge acquired throughout the course. Similarly, the various activities of R&D developed in the ISUS group were highlighted, in particular the recent participations and prizes obtained in national robotics competitions such as the Cyber-rat (


The students of the secondary were also aware of the possibility of entering the degree in Computer Engineering ( or one of the various courses of technological specialization ( offered by UFP .


It was also possible to make known to the pupils of the secondary the possibility of open participation in various events and activities, within the framework of the Living Science program, organised regularly by Grupo ISUS. These opportunities are very attractive and enriching and allow students to have practical (hands-on) experiences with current technologies (e.g. 3d virtual worlds and robotics). In particular, the ISUS performs annually at the beginning of the summer holidays (usually in July) an internship with a duration of one week, where the students of the secondary subscribers have the opportunity to interact and work with several teachers in carrying out activities Practices of construction and programming of robots in interaction with Second Life. These experiences have achieved a great deal of attention and participation on the part of the students of the secondary from several Portuguese schools and regions, allowing not only to make known to our university but at the same time develop activities with a strong Caris Practical in the field of informatics.