Participation in the engineering week of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the university Fernando Pessoa

The ISUS research group has marked an assiduous presence in the various editions of the engineering week events of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the Fernando Pessoa University, in particular in the activities of the day of computer engineering. In these events, there are several thematic topics relevant to this area of education and focusing on the needs of the students in particular. The content of the participation focuses normally on the realization of workshops and demonstrations of tools and programming languages that are present and relevant to the labour market. The events are addressed to all the university students interested, with particular relevance to the students of The Bachelor and Master of the scientific field of informatics of FCT-UFP.


In particular on the April 2015 day (23/4/2015), a reflection session was organised on the theme: “The role of the university in the XXI century”. This session was attended by several teachers and professionals in the area of informatics. In particular, the ISUS research group was represented in this colloquium by Prof. Christophe Soares who sought to highlight the increasingly urgent need of companies to have in their tables, qualified professionals in the various areas of informatics. It was also possible to highlight the restructuring effort that has been made over the last few years, particularly in UFP’s computer courses, both by introducing new content and by providing curricular units and projects Adapted to the needs and technological requirements of this business sector.