Announcement for a BIC scholarship @ ISUS/UFP, in the scope of the FCT project SafeHomeHealthCare (SHHC), PTDC/EIA-EIA/108352/2008

There is an open position for a scholarship in the scope of the project PTDC/EIA-EIA/108352/2008, entitled “SafeHomeHealthCare: Interference-free Home Health-Care Smart Spaces using Search Algorithms and Meta-Reality Reflection”. This project is financed by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) through structural EU founds and national MCTES founds. The conditions are the following:

1. Duration and Conditions: 3 months, beginning March 2011, with exclusivity, according FCT regulations (

2. Goals and Activities: specification and development of a drug dispenser to be integrated in a set of systems that will be part of the smart space for assisted living being defined in the SHHC project; the drug dispenser should be based in mobile devices (cf. Smartphones or PDAs) that, communicating through wireless technologies (e.g., Bluetooth) with electromechanical and embedded systems, should help patients organize and manage medication intake.
Scientific Supervisor: Rui Silva Moreira.

3. Academic Degree: Lic. Informatics Engineering, Specialization in Mobile Computing. Other areas may be accepted if considered in the scope of the project.

4. Salary: 385,00€/month, according to the budget of the Project and amounts fixed by FCT ( plus Voluntary Social Insurance to Social Security (optional).

5. Documents: motivation letter; updated Curriculum Vitae; authenticated copy of the degree; copies of the published papers; recommendation letter (optional). Candidates may be called for an interview.

6. Dates:
• Applications: should be delivered or sent by mail (registered with reception confirmation; applications sent by email will not be considered) between 1 and 24/02/2011, to: Prof. Doutor Rui Silva Moreira, Faculdade de Ciência e Tecnologia, Universidade Fernando Pessoa, Praça 9 de Abril, 349, 4249-004 Porto, Portugal
• Period of analysis: 25 to 26/02/2011.
• Interviews (jury may call the candidates for an interview in UFP, if necessary): 28/02/2011.
• Results: will be published in the ISUS group site and communicated to candidates): until 28/02/2011.

7. This announcement will be published in:
• FCT web site of scientific employment (;
• ISUS group web site (;
• UFP web site (

8. Contacts for more information: